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About Me

Most Art Directors strive to excel in their field, only to eventually retire, and take up painting full time.

I'm coming at the whole thing backwards and upside down.

A full time painter (and mom) for roughly 20 years, now I'm doing this.

I approach problems from an unexpected angle, revel in the unconventional, and laugh at my self at every damn chance I get.

Feb 2022 - Present
Art Direction Student at Miami Ad School

Feb 2022 - Present
Barista as Back Street Brews

October 2021-October 2022
Eastside Artist's Gallery Member

Wonder Books
Data Entry
Sept 2018 - 2020

Catoctin Holiday Art Tour
Founding Member

2012 - 2015
Arts in the Village Gallery
Founding Member

2010 - Present
Fine Art creation and sales


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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