Pet Project

I have a stockpile of old paintings that I'm not happy with. Either I lost my motivation or the image just didn't pan out like I'd hoped. I'd like to recycle the canvases by painting commission pieces over them. I've got a variety of sizes, most small. Sometimes the textures of the painting underneath will show through so I'm offering these pieces at a lower rate of 150.00 for an 8x10, 175.00 for a 10x10, and 200.00 for a 12x12.


50% of the sale will be donated to either the International Rescue Committee,, or the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund.

Before I begin a commission, I do ask for a down payment of 50.00. Once your payment is processed, I'll contact you and we can decide together what photo will work best for the project.


Examples from an earlier version of this project


This good girl gave me the inspiration for the idea.

Commisioned Painting

Down Payment



This good boy inspired a donation to the Boulder Humane Society.