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Minority groups are disproportionately targeted by police. When interactions with police are a matter of life and death, minorities can't safely advocate for themselves. But a record of events can help.

The modified Airtag is a bracelet with a speaker and activation button.

Mock ups of product

 The user chooses and records a trigger word. An example would be the word "Officer". 

 When this word is spoken the user's selected contacts are notified, the user's GPS location is shared with them and they are provided with a live audio recording.

Mock ups of user experience with app


Contacts with the same device will feel vibrations when nearing a family member with an activated device, useful in emergencies.

Ways to expand:

Partner with ACLU to help ensure customer privacy and provide legal resources.

Partner with immigrant and refugee groups. GPS tracking feature can assist separated families.

Users anonymously share LE interactions. Create a searchable database to track profiling/abuse/harassment.

Market specifically to parents looking to protect children/teens/young adults.

Using algorithm trigger ads to play with news articles about police violence.

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