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What's yours is Mined

(American Advertising Award Winner )

Giff Gaff PR campaign

The Challenge: Create a PR campaign that gets people talking and establishes Giff Gaff as the go to site for refurbished phones.
The Insight: The value of refurbished becomes clear when the real cost of new is addressed.


Banner Ads

Giff Gaff will put up full page banner ads mimicking the actual websites news articles. From click bait to conglomerates our message will be seen.


Out of Home

These billboards will be placed in high traffic areas around London and throughout Great Britain.



WiFi Hack

GiffGaff will be hacking the London public WiFi with a gamefied ad before people can connect to the internet.




These 6 second videos can be shared on a variety of Social Media channels.


Phone Cases

A portion of the profits goes to Good Shepard International an org that helps kids quit the mines and attend school. Much like the LiveStrong bracelets, GiffGaff's distinctive teal with become a visual cue of people breaking away from the cobalt industry.


The design is intended to communicate the rugged durability of refurbished phones as well as a contrast to the sleek clean appearance of new phones.


Copywriter - Carter Garfinkel,
Art Directors Alice Mullen, Gordana Jokanovic, and Tim Goetze

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