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Modify a product to benefit a minority


Minority groups are disproportionately targeted by police. When interactions with police are a matter of life and death, they can't safely advocate for themselves. It's especially difficult for minors. But a record of events can help.

The Idea

A wearable device that begins recording as soon as a police interaction begins and notifies family members.

The product is a modified air tag with a paired phone app that can be worn as a bracelet.

When the user says a trigger word, such as "officer" the device begins recording and alerts family members.

Possible   Expansions

A partnership with ACLU and or other organizations to provide legal resources and ensure privacy protection.

A user generated anonymous account of interactions will create a database of police that can highlight areas where profiling occurs.

Family members wearing their own device will feel increasing vibrations when getting closer to an activated device. This function would be helpful in active shooter scenarios, natural disasters and emergencies. This feature could also be beneficial to refugees and immigrants.

In addition to an audio word trigger, the device can be activated with a button that can be reached while in handcuffs.

Art Direction, Alice Mullen and Emelie Garcia

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